Introduce Myself

This site is a place for me to feature development work I have participated in. I have been a professional designer for over 6 years and have worked on many enterprise level design for both internal and public audiences. I work primary in CSS / XHTML / JQUERY / BOOTSTRAP & FOUNDATIOAN FRAMWWORK / PHP / MySQL but still have a lot of experience with other technologies such as 3D & flash animation. I create quality design that follow standard industry practices. I enjoy meeting with clients to find out exactly what they want and need in a perfect design. Below are some of my most recent works; click any of the thumbnails to find out more about the project. You can also visit my portfolio page to see more projects I’ve been involved in.

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GM Motor

A Mini promotional Website, made in Flash and developed in Greensock

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3D Rendering

Some projects based on the requests from local commerical design firms pursuing realisctic rendering, according to CAD elevations provided, those rendering modeled and created in 3DSMAX and renderer engine was Vray.

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Travelife Magazine

It's been very well known in the Canada travel industry for decades published by Tour East Holidays, including LOGO identity and website base on DNN. It needs a online and offline rebranding to catch up current trends.

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Graphic Design

Posters & Commercials, there are some oversea projects which I have done in Shanghai China where I originally came from.

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Cartoon & Drawing

I did some concept drawings for local online publishers and many of them were accepted and developed into a series of story

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Winsome Landscaping Design Group

Rebranding the existing landscaping architechture company visually, throughout the whole design from offline to online

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Booklets & Flyers

Offline medias are still very welcome and handy to grab while sometimes just a need a quick glance at information.

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Ford 2012 Emplyee Pricing Online Presence

Emplyee Pricing Event, One of the biggest event from Ford about price reductions, best trade guarantees and a big cash giveaway, Our Team has came up with a overall online media solution and my major task was creating interative banners in a variety of sizes.

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Forbidden City ROM Contest

The Forbidden City is organized by the Palace Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum. As the one of media Sponsor, Toureast has conducted a contest by giving out the grand price "Free Trip to Beijing China". a set of design of ROM's Forbidden City exhibition microsite. Worked on: Web/mobile design, UX and DEV.

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Icons design for concole games & websites

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Golden-Wok Buffet - Orillia

A design solution helped out a Chinese restaurant to make their online impression to expand their local market demanding. Ordering food online for delivery and take out or pickup all favourite in online menu from home without stepping out.

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Starbucks Coffee APP - with Nokia

We had an opportunity to win business with Nokia USA. They asked us to come up with a concept for the ultimate mobile experience for Starbucks. They were in the process of inviting big brands to expand their presences to the exciting new Windows Phone so our concept would need to be presented in the Metro style. Our objective was to create a vision for a Starbucks experience that showcased the advantages of the Windows Phone platform over other platforms as well as play up specific features like NFC that were exclusive to the upcoming Nokia Lumia phones.

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Some personal touch and practices on the new thoughts and ideas, some were mainly based on real projects.

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JULY 5th Wedding Studio

Uptown wedding studio needs a brand new logo and demo website to showcase to their potential clients, after only a week back and forth communication, we finally came up with the modified theme and new logo design.

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Vbuzzer VOIP

Few years ago, I have worked as UI designer on softroute where Vbuzzer VOIP has been designed and developed. Logos, icons and UI were the major tasks that crossed over my entire day while every new release came out.

Feeling about UI/UX

7 years of professional art training and more than 10 years working experience in visual design field, I fulfill my childhood dream and am focusing my attention on web UI/UX & Graphic design. Clean web user interfaces are not every visitor's favorite, some may prefer a strong color contrast, some more like a cartoon style website. But what I am very sure about is that a clean interface surely makes a positive impression at first place.

Industry Applications

Wanna know how I process ?


Planning content is always the first and foremost solution to any design project. It is clearly the most underrated part of the job, and it’s not because I am a designer that I shouldn’t be doing it. It’s where the best of the teamwork happens and where the creativity of everyone, from UX designer to back-end developer can be put to the test. Our best websites have been those of which the content was thoroughly planned. So here is my basic approach as a 3-man team on content strategy: Content audit: get everything I can, from text to images and logos.


From my personal experience, the Mobile First approach is excellent for the content strategy and sketching part, but not for Photoshop. I know some people like to start in a 360px wide file, and I recommend trying it. Thus, since I work with a 15 inch MacBook Pro (1440px x 900ish), I start by creating a new photoshop file of that exact same size. Then, I create a 1280px “browser” frame inside it.


As with any design project, I first identify any constraints and build around that. These can be: important text block (for blogs or magazines), advertising area, or other medias (images, videos). Believe Web is 90% typography: it should be the first priority in design workflow. I personally use Typecast to ease the process of finding type combinations and prototype typography. Doing this before jumping into Photoshop has helped me improve my efficiency. So, start reading less about web design, and more about typography.


No matter if how I will code the website, getting to feel design in the browser is a critical step in any responsive web design workflow. Not only will it benefit the design part, it will most importantly get your teammates in the loop. Their impression will help me fuel new ideas.

Designing responsive websites is a change in mindset from the ground up. Then look at things from a mobile perspective and finally see how it looks in the browser. There’s no secret recipe. It’s a cyclic pattern in which I might sometimes get headaches, sometimes bursts of joy, but from which I’ll most importantly learn to create better websites, fit for the web of today and tomorrow.

This is the City I m living everyday, just felt somehow it looks so blurry